In 2009, Sir Michael built a 350 sqm museum in his garden to house the collection following its return from exhibitions in Shanghai and the V&A in London in 2006. It attracted many groups of collectors and scholars and Sir Michael enjoyed showing them round the 600 or so pieces within.

Unfortunately following his death in 2013 and a court ruling in 2016, 250 pieces were removed from the museum and it was closed for 5 years. Katharine and Charles Butler have moved the porcelain from Sir Michael’s house and have been gradually buying pieces from the market as well as pieces from their siblings’ collection and in November 2022, reopened the museum with around 650 pieces on display. Katharine spent the Covid years, together with art historian, Dr Teresa Canepa, writing a book on the history of 17th century Chinese porcelain as exemplified in the pieces from the Butler Collection, called Leaping the Dragon Gate, the Sir Michael Butler Collection of Chinese Porcelain.

Housed in the museum, the collection makes a truly a spectacular display and visiting groups have been astonished by the beauty of the porcelain and its setting.